Friday, December 30, 2005

It keeps growing...and growing...and growing...

Since I started working from home, I find that I don't get nearly as much exercise than when I had to go into work and walk around talking to people all day. There were stairs in my old place of work too, and I had to use them regularly.

We live in a two-story house with a half-bath downstairs and two full baths upstairs. For the first couple of months of working from home, I had to go up the stairs at least a couple of times a day to go to the bathroom because the half-bath toilet was broken.

Now, however, since I finally got motivated and fixed the downstairs toilet, I don't even go upstairs at all during the day.

Also, since I'm at home all day (when I'm in town) I find that the refrigerator and pantry have formed a bond and like the call of the Sirens, lure me into the shipwreck that is overeating. "Ice Creammmmmmmmm...Cinnamon-sugar toooooast...Chocolaaaaaate... Coooooookies...” you get the idea.

So, here I sit, watching my stomach grow larger and larger; my ability to cope with the lure of the kitchen growing less and less.

It's even worse when I'm out of town. I get paid a per diem for meals that is much larger than I would normally need. But, like Mount Everest, it is there, so I tend to conquer it every day. I even stay in hotels that usually have workout rooms...but the lure of the bed and HBO keep me anchored in my growing body, wallowing in my personal sea of fat.

My wife has been recently motivated. She's bought us a family membership to the local health club. It’s exactly one mile away. Her motivation for going is to be around for my son and me for more than four or five more years. And also to relieve the horrible foot pain she endures every minute of every day. However, I'm a man. I am invincible. Hear me ROAR! ... No, wait...wrong gender-quote...

I am a man and prone to believe that I will live forever. Nothing can get the best of me. What are a few extra pounds to carry around? I could lose it any time I want! Well, I wish I could be as altruistic as my wife. Her spouse and child reason should be motivation enough.

Maybe I just need to get fat enough so I finally realize that growing and growing and growing is not a good thing. Of course, by that time I imagine I'll be as big as a small boat, shipwrecked on the rocks...taking much longer to repair than if I would have just started exercising yesterday...

Thursday, December 29, 2005

Beautiful Blogging Bleh!

I may not be the most frequent of blog-posters, but I read a lot of them. A lot of them seem to be posers...Beautiful Bloggers. People who are making stuff up or just putting in the good and happy things that happen to them. Come on people, GET REAL!

Let me read about your aunt Martha that kicked her 16 year old kid out on the street because she found porn in his room. I want to hear about your uncle Roger who got hit by a car and everyone cheered because he was such a rotten guy. And please, tell me about your innermost secret desires...those deep-down dirty, disgusting things you want to do to people like me who post stupid blogs like this one. DO IT!!!!! Don't delay. I need my entertainment!

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Bad Blogger Through the Wardrobe...

Okay, so I'm probably the worst bloggerite or whatever in the history of blogging, right? It's been a week since my last Maybe I'll keep getting worse so I'll have a New Year's resolution to make...that I probably won't keep anyway, but at least when someone asks, I'll have some sort of response other then my I'll just say, "Why, yes. I do have New Year's resolution. I plan on blogging every day!"

I work from home most of the time. You'd think that would be ideal for the daily blogger. On the computer all day with nothing better to do! That's a joke. Really! I'm honestly working all day long! What? Why is Runescape minimized on my desktop? Oh, that's just for testing...honestly!

So my "office" is a desk set up opposite the family computing desk in the den. It works out pretty well. I love working from home. But at times like the holidays, when there's a break from school, my son is home all day. My wife too, because she works for the school district.

I sit in the den with the door closed and wonder what they're up to. It's really hard to concentrate. They are really good about not bothering me too. But it's just too tempting to want to go out and be with them. It's like the den door is my doorway through the wardrobe into Narnia. Knowing if I go through it, I'll be dragged-in to who-knows-what, when I should be doing work...the sensible thing!

Ah, the hell with being I go!

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Oh fine...

Try to be nice and look what it gets you...defensive people who take everything out of context and only see the worst in you. So far all this blog does is get me into trouble...

Not that I don't make enough trouble for myself already...

Monday, December 12, 2005

No such luck!

Well, no, I didn't post two in one day. In fact I skipped a day. Aren't you the lucky ones.

I'm sitting here typing this wearing wool, fingerless gloves. They keep my hands nice and toasty. The reason for this is that my wife goes to bed fairly early and when she passes the thermostat, she turns it down to about 60 degrees. Her sleeping temperature. Well, those of us (that's the royal "us") who stay up later quickly freeze our asses off. I think it's her subliminal way to tell me to go to know, as the temperature cools down, I'll get colder and colder until I can't stand it and go to bed. (hmmm...I just did it again...restated the obvious).

I'm sure she'll tell me it's not true--the freezing out part, not the part that she wants me to go to bed sooner.

Of course, this doesn't upset me. I know she just has my health in mind. I love her for that. I also love her because she doesn't come down and nag me to go to bed...even though she wants to. :)

I had to pick my son up from school today because he was barfing. My wife and I thought it was because of the hot cocoa he bolted just before school...this makes him chuck sometimes because he drinks it too fast. He's a known barfer of dairy products when he's especially thirsty and drinks quickly...ever since he was a baby.

Anyway, he didn't bow to the porceline god after he got home, but he said he felt like it. Now I feel like it. So maybe we've both got the flu or something. Tomorrow will tell.

I got an email from an old co-worker of mine tonight. He asked if I wanted to go see King Kong tomorrow night when it opens. He has an extra ticket. I called him right away to say, "HELL YES!!!" I'm not a moron. Besides, it's Jack Black and a giant monkey. What could be better? Now to break the news to my wife...

Saturday, December 10, 2005

Missed another day...

I missed another blogday. But it was my son's 13th birthday, so I figured that was more important. It's kind of nice to have something more important to do. My wife and I forced our son to get his picture professionally taken. Well, by one of those mall photo places that are as close to professionally taken as we were willing to spend. We're not necessarily cheap, but after spending money on a gas-powered scooter, some winter clothes,etc., it just seemed "prudent" (to quote a past butcherer of the english word and president).

Well, day two of the 13th birthday is about to take place. Sledding with a friend.

Maybe I'll actually blog twice in one day to make up for it!!!!

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Couldn't post last night...sigh...

I guess no matter how hard I try, I don't seem to be able to do simple things that I say I'm going to. Case in point, this blog. I MEANT to start posting every day. The Holiday Inn in Steamboat Springs and the wireless Internet provider that serves them decided my blogging wasn't very important. The connection at the hotel was down. You'd think in a place like Steamboat Springs Colorado people should be ready for 25 below freezing temperatures. You'd think your customers at the hotel should have what they were promised!!!! An Internet connection is like a lifeline these days. Whatever happened to "the customer is always right"?. Evidently Nordstrom has no monetary interest in Holiday Inn...or whoever owns them this week.

I would have put up a fuss about it, but I didn't pay for the room. What the heck...

Having successfully made it safely out of the snow-filled hills of Colorado without incident, I'm currently "residing" at the Las Vegas airport. I've got another 3 and a half hours to kill. I've already eaten. I can't possible nap because of the "customer service" announcements every minute or so. I'm not sure why they call them customer service announcements when they're about security and we're already through freaking security that took about an hour. Their customer service should be a nice quiet bed to lay down in with wake up calls provided so you won't miss your flight.


Of course, I don't know what's behind those "special" club doors that airlines have for their "special" customers. Maybe there ARE beds. I can't afford that shit. That reminds me of something I heard on public radio during the car ride today. Someone said they didn't mind waiting at the airport. They consider themselves "cargo" anyway.

I like that for some reason. Maybe because I feel that way about life sometimes...


Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Okay, I bought some Triscuits...

I can't believe I was at Safeway and purchased Triscuits. No 1/2-pound Hershey's with almonds today!

Of course, I had this huge plate of linguini with sundried tomatos, peppers, Italian sausage, and red garlic sauce for dinner. Lots of parmesan-toasted bread with olive oil on it too. Oh yeah, let's not forget the Ceasar salad and tall glass of Guinness.

My gawd only two days until I'm home. I just might make it...

Steamboat Springs got another foot of snow today. The temperature is dropping. It's supposed to be about 20 below freezing on Wednesday night. Of course, I'm driving out of here at 5am MST on Thursday. Hope the stupid company car from California starts. If by some miracle it does, I'll probably crack the block. Oh well. Just glad it isn't mine!

I bought some chains at NAPA on the company card. I wonder if I can buy some gloves on the company card too. Well, maybe I'll buy those myself. I might need them to put the chains on. Better buy a beanie too...

Wish me luck...I have a feeling I'm going to need it!!!!

Monday, December 05, 2005

Wow, two in a row...

Well, now. Two days in a row. I'm hurrying to type this because it's 11:44 pm where I am right now. In about fifteen minutes it wouldn't be two days in a row any more.

Hmm...once again I'm stating the obvious.

I hate being away from home. I feel like I'm slowly killing myself whenever I am. Here I sit, finishing off a 1/2-pound Hershey's bar (with almonds), also finishing off a Diet Coke. I don't think that's irony...hmmm...not exactly an oxymoron either. But I feel like a moron for eating the stupid candy bar...and even more so by chasing it with a Diet Coke. But then, that's only 35 grams of saturated fat. About as much as what's in a Coldstone Creamery "Gotta Have It" sized ice cream...

I tend to eat way too much when I'm away from home. I think I've gained 20 pounds this past week. Hershey's bar by Hershey's bar, beer by beer, BBQ pork rib by BBQ pork rib, Egg McMuffin by Egg McMuffin, Reuben sandwich by Rueben get the idea.

I also tend not to get any exercise. Of course, working 12 hour days makes one crave doing nothing for the other 12. Nothing but laying around in my hotel room, watching TV, eating Hershey's bars, drinking Diet Cokes.

I guess that's just part of what being depressed is all about...filling the holes with something...ANYTHING!

Sunday, December 04, 2005

To Blog or not to Blog...

I don't know. I had such good intentions even though I was sort of a reluctant blogger. At first I thought I had to join to comment on someone's blog. I was wrong. Then I thought--after posting my first blog--that I would keep it up...continue blogging until someone would finally read one and actually make a comment. Or my blog would become legendary in blogdom.

Alas, again I was wrong. After one post almost a month ago, here I am. I've been ranting in my head instead of here.


I travel for my job. This past week I've been in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. When I first got here I thought, "What a beautiful city". It was a Currier & Ives scene if I ever saw one. Everything covered in a light dusting of snow.

My impression of Steamboat Springs now is, "OH MY GOD! MAKE IT STOP MOMMY!!!!" Since I got here one week ago today, there has been about three feet of snow. NO KIDDING! Actually 3 feet. It might be more. Granted it is the most beautiful powder I've ever seen in my life, if I was still a skier, I'd be loving every minute of it. If there are any skiers or snowboarders out there, you should come here NOW! This is once-in-a-lifetime kind of powder.

But, like I said, I'm not much for skiing any more. Right now I think it's just a royal pain in the ass. Whatever.

Maybe it'd be different if my family was here with me. My 13-year-old son would be in seventh-heaven. I miss him and my wife a lot. I just wish I was home more than anything.

Well, I'm going to sign off. I guess this turned more into just a lonely guy typing crap than anything else.