Friday, November 18, 2005

Blog Blog Blog...

Blog, blog, blog. Everybody has a blog these days. How the heck did that happen? I guess it all flows into the modern life river that is I'M IMPORTANT TOO! LISTEN TO ME!!! CRY ME A RIVER!!! Or whatever. All I really wanted to do is post a reply to someone's blog on this site. Now I know why so few people have responses to their blogs here. YOU HAVE TO JOIN TO DO IT!!! I hate joining...but I follow the crowd and do it. I'd be the perfect poster child for alcohol and drugs...YES! Please, let me be your meat puppet! Allow me to open a vein for you!

Ah, well I digress. Discount cards are a way of joining. I hate them too. But I join. I have begun purposely searching out grocery stores that don't require you to join. Of course, I have to pay more to do it...but at least the checkout people don't harrass you and give you that, "Are you really that stupid" stare when you say you DON'T want to join.

And those coffee cards! What the heck? I had six of them in my wallet when I counted the other day. I asked the guy at Starbucks if he'd take them all for a free cup of coffee. I think I made his day. He couldn't wait to tell all his coffee clatchy co-workers about the absurd old guy at the counter. Of course, when I tried the same tack at a local coffee shop, the guy said, "Sure! Would you like room for cream?" I asked if it was normal policy to accept other coffee places cards, and was told no. He just liked my (I don't think I can spell this correctly and don't feel like looking it up) hutzspah. (Not even close, right?)

It's funny about some local businesses like my new favorite coffee shop and my hassle-free grocery store. The people that run them seem to appreciate your patronage. They don't paste on that plastic smile and talk through their teeth when you ask questions or wants some help or feedback. They seem genuine. Like you'd want to be.

Well, for someone who complained earlier in their dissertation about blogging people...I guess I've become one. Joined again.